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New York Office

Tele-Audiology Services

Tele-Audiology Services: Welcome

Care When and Where You Want It

Tele-audiology consultations are performed on a tele-audiology platform called Tuned and available across New York and Connecticut.

With uninterrupted face to face time with an audiologist, you can rest assured that you will feel heard. These consultations are all about giving you the care you want, whether it is an unbiased second opinion, wanting to understand your hearing better, reviewing your care options, or learning new strategies, coping skills and available technologies. Whether you have debilitating hearing loss or are just a little curious, these consultations are for you. 

Services include: 

  • Hearing screeners

  • Second opinions

  • Counseling

  • Device recommendations

  • Auditory Training

  • Listening safety education

  • Communication strategies

  • and more...

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