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How and Why You Should Be Using Social Media
New Jersey Speech-Language-Hearing-Association Convention, 2024
2 hours

While many professionals may understand the importance of a website, a robust online presence can attract the right clients or patients and give you credibility as an expert in your local community and nationwide. This presentation will review all aspects of building an engaging social media presence, share experiences on TikTok and Instagram, and walk you through how you can build your own following.

Out of The Booth Audiology
National Student Academy of Audiology, 2024
1.5 hours

Have you considered expanding your practice beyond the four walls of a soundproof booth? Join Kathleen Wallace, Au.D., audiologist and patient educator, as she discusses how tele-audiology and mobile audiology can improve access to audiologic services and create a fulfilling and dynamic career.

Adding Telehealth to Your Practice
AuDacity, Academy of Doctors of Audiology Conference, 2022
30 minutes

Tele-audiology can improve the access and affordability of audiologic care without sacrificing quality of care or delivery of best practices. Join Kathleen Wallace, Au.D., audiologist and Head of Provider Education at Tuned, as she discusses the history of tele-audiology and how Tuned is leveraging this service delivery model to launch the first complete hearing benefit.

Alternative Service Delivery Models
AuDacity, Academy of Doctors of Audiology Conference, 2022
1 hour, panel

Panelists Dr. Dawn Heiman, Dr. Gail Whitelaw, and Dr. Kathleen Wallace discuss practice differentiation. Kathleen Wallace, audiologist and specialist in tele-audiology and mobile audiology, proposes how alternative service delivery models, patient education programs, and embracing a full scope of practice can lead to practice growth.

Achieving Gender Parity in Audiology
The Hearing Journal, 2024
Community-Based Hearing Healthcare
Hearing Health Magazine, 2024
Digital Dawn: Audiology's New Era
Audiology Today, 2023
It's OK To Cry During A Hearing Test
Hearing Health Magazine, 2023
Top 3 Questions People Have About Their Ears
Hearing Health Magazine, 2023
Audiologist's Role In Promoting Tech Literacy
The Hearing Journal, 2020
Hearing Loss and Third Party Disability
The City University of New York, Graduate Center, 2018


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