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Hearing Healthcare, Tailored to You

New York City's In-Home and Remote Audiologist

Kathleen Wallace, Au.D. is a licensed audiologist and hearing aid dispenser based in Brookyln, NY. She proudly provides in-home hearing healthcare to New York City residents and tele-audiology services across New York State, New Jersey, and Connecticut.


I'm Kathleen Wallace, Au.D.

I'm an audiologist based in Brooklyn, New York who specializes in alternative service delivery models, public outreach, and patient education. After years of working in traditional healthcare settings across New York City, I have embraced the opportunity to rethink modern audiologic care through my work with Tuned and Anywhere Audiology, my educational social media channels, and contributing regularly to audiology publications. 

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Kathleen holds audiology licenses in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and practices through mobile audiology and tele-health. She also welcomes professional partnerships and engagements. 

I Want You To Be My Audiologist

Kathleen is currently available for in-home services to residents of

New York City.

I Want To Partner With You

Kathleen is open to partnerships in the hearing healthcare industry and content creation space.

I Want To Feature You

Kathleen welcomes speaking engagements, podcast appearances, and publishing opportunities. 

Kathleen's Work

Kathleen's work has been featured in Audiology publications, podcasts, and conferences. In addition, she has built a large following of her educational social media channels where she normalizes hearing healthcare. 

Want to work together?

Kathleen is accepting new patients and available for speaking engagements or content creation.


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