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Hearing Healthcare, Tailored to You

New York City's In-Home and Remote Audiologist

Kathleen Wallace, Au.D. is a licensed audiologist and hearing aid dispenser based in Brookyln, NY. She is proud to provide in-home hearing healthcare to New York City residents and tele-audiology services across New York State and Connecticut.

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The Mission

Let's face it: healthcare can be inconvenient and time consuming. 

Whether you can't rely on public transportation, leave the house, or escape the office, getting to the audiologist can be a challenge! And when people wait an average of 7 years before pursuing hearing healthcare, the last thing you need is another obstacle on your way to better hearing. 


With this in mind, Kathleen set out to bring hearing healthcare to you. No more subways, no more waiting rooms, no more hurdles. Cutting-edge technology and a forward-thinking audiologist allow for you to receive convenient care without sacrificing quality. In fact, by seeing you in your own space, Kathleen can ensure you are hearing your best where, and with whom, it really counts. 

This is hearing healthcare, tailored to you. 





In-Home Services

Hearing healthcare in your home or office

These appointments are performed at the location of your choosing. Services include diagnostic hearing tests, hearing aids, custom hearing protection, auditory training, and counseling.

Virtual Services

Hearing healthcare, wherever you are

Consultations are performed on Tuned, a secure tele-audiology platform. Services include hearing screenings, second opinions, device selection, auditory training, family counseling, and patient education.

Hearing Health Programming

Hearing healthcare for groups

Kathleen is pleased to offer organizations, community centers, schools, offices, and senior living facilities hearing programming, such as: hearing screenings, seminars, hearing clinics, and more.

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Meet Your Audiologist

What To Expect


No more waiting rooms. Virtual and in-home visits allow you to be seen when and where you'd like.


No more surprise bills. Clear pricing at set hourly rates with devices charged at market price.


No more "doctor knows best" mentality. Care driven by you, guided by a professional.


No more antiquated tests or services. Research backed evaluation methods and a thorough review of all care plan options.  

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