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  • Kathleen Wallace

Top Reasons to Visit an Audiologist

Most people are hesitant to visit an audiologist, whether it is denial about one's hearing, a lack of education of the importance of hearing, not knowing what healthcare professional to go to for hearing concerns, or the nuisance of insurance, scheduling and waiting rooms. But there are also countless reasons to see an audiologist! First and foremost, there is no harm in getting an updated hearing test to establish your baseline. Think about it, when was your last hearing test? For many, it is elementary school, or the last time a hearing test was required. It takes a lot of initiative to actually schedule an appointment with an audiologist, but I'd like to make it easier for you. Audiologists are the healthcare provider who specialized in hearing and balance disorders for all people; you do not need to have significant hearing loss to see one or be above the age of 75 or even be interested in hearing aids! Just wanting to get a hearing test out of curiosity and caution, and perhaps learn a little bit about your hearing and ear health, is more than enough of a reason. Here are few examples of people who would benefit from seeing an audiologist.


  1. Difficulty communicating with loved ones, friends, and/or coworkers

  2. Difficulty hearing in restaurants or other noisy places

  3. Concerns for your safety, such as not hearing someone walk up behind you or a knock on your door

  4. Feeling like you can hear, but you can't understand

  5. Difficulty when watching TV


  1. Family history of hearing loss

  2. Over the age of 60

  3. History of chronic ear infections

  4. Tinnitus, or ringing/buzzing/chirping in your ears

  5. Dizziness or vertigo, a room-spinning sensation

Comorbidities (conditions that have higher rates of hearing loss):

  1. Concerns for your memory

  2. Diabetes

  3. Cardiovascular disease

  4. Autoimmune disorders

  5. History of chemotherapy or other damaging medications


  1. Looking to preserve your hearing

  2. Frequently around loud sounds at work

  3. Enjoy music and going to concerts

  4. Want to be educated on safe listening habits

  5. Interested in custom hearing protection

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