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The Return of the House Call

Kathleen Wallace, Au.D. is proud to offer in-home services to residents of New York City. No more waiting rooms, crowded subways, unreliable Access-A-Ride, wasted PTO, or slogging around the city in bad weather. By using modern technology and instrumentation, audiology can move outside of the soundproof booth and into the comfort of your own home or office.

So how does it work?

If you are interested in in-home services, contact Kathleen to set up a time to talk more by calling or texting 718-218-3157 or emailing In that initial meeting, we'll discuss what services interest you, determine where to deliver the services, and provide a price estimate for the services, including a travel fee. Should you wish to move forward with the services, you'll schedule Kathleen's visit. These visits are private pay and do not go through insurance. All pricing is fully transparent and due at the time of the visit, and can be paid with credit card, check, cash, Zelle, or Apple Pay.

What services are offered?

Hearing Tests

With fully calibrated, mobile instrumentation, you can undergo a complete hearing evaluation, including a thorough case history and explanation of findings.

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Evaluations: If you have already had your hearing tested, Kathleen offers hearing aid evaluations, including a demonstration of new technology, to determine the best type of hearing aids or assistive listening technology for you and your communication needs.

Hearing Aid Fittings: You can be fit with new technology right from your home or office. This includes the initial programming of the devices and an orientation on proper insertion, cleaning, charging, maintenance, and troubleshooting. If interested, you can get your hearing aids paired to your phone as well.

Hearing Aid Checks and Repairs: Have your hearing aids been giving you trouble? Don't think they are working as well for you as they used? Or has your hearing changed and you need to get them adjusted? Kathleen can reprogram your hearing aids, ensure all components are functionally appropriately, and even repair some hearing aids on the spot. If she can't fix it, she'll send it into the manufacturer as a rush repair and offer you loaners to keep you hearing well in the interim.


When you are in your own space, it makes healthcare a whole lot more human. If you are bothered by your hearing or frustrated by your communication abilities, let's talk about why and see if we can get to the bottom of it. This may include having a family member, friend, or loved one join you for the appointment to let Kathleen see how you all communicate and to share some insights into the effects of hearing loss on everyone. Let Kathleen be the mediator and use her expertise to get you and your loved ones communicating your best, starting with a realistic understanding of your hearing ability and limitations.

Auditory Training

As one of the few audiologists in New York City who performs Auditory Training, Kathleen will work with you to develop your "hearing muscles." Often, people say they can hear but they can't understand or that their hearing aids are not doing enough. This is a program that retrains your brain on how to make sense of what it is hearing. For best outcomes, it is recommended to complete at least 10 weekly sessions. After the program, you should be hearing better in background noise, not feel so exhausted from listening, and feel prepared to utilize communication strategies and advocacy techniques.

Why People Love it

Personal and Realistic

By welcoming Kathleen into your own space, you are allowing for tailored recommendations dependent on your actual surroundings and frequent communication partners. This realistic look into your life can give Kathleen wonderful insight into why you might be having the troubles you are having and witness these issues in real time rather than relying on your report of it in the office. Do you have trouble hearing your spouse? Have them sit in. Trouble in a certain part of the office? Let's see why. Can't hear your TV? Show Kathleen and let's brainstorm.


New Yorkers are busy! Let Kathleen take care of the travel. Taking care of your hearing shouldn't be a burden. She'll meet you when and where you want to get you hearing your best.

To Book: Call or Text 718-218-3157 or email

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