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Kathleen Wallace, Au.D. creates educational audiology content on TikTok as @EarDocOfTikTok and Instagram as @KathleenWallaceAuD

Let's Work Together!

As an audiologist, Kathleen delivers hearing healthcare in two ways: virtually via tele-audiology and home visits via mobile audiology.

Kathleen specializes in:

First timers

  • People who are looking to pursue hearing healthcare for the first time and want some guidance and education. This may be simply preparing for a hearing test, getting your first test in a long time, if ever, or better understanding your care options to make sure you are making a good investment in technology. 

Loved ones of people with hearing loss

  • Supporting someone with hearing loss can take some practice and education. Kathleen is well versed in dealing with family and relationship dynamics to get you all communicating, and understanding each other, better.  

Auditory Training

  • This is a unique program designed at retraining the brain to make sense of what it is hearing through a series of exercises. Whether you have auditory processing issues or wear hearing aids but aren't seeing enough benefit, these exercises can strengthen your listening ability. 

Alternative Technology

  • Not ready for hearing aids but know you need something? There are a ton of devices out there that can help. Let Kathleen sift through the junk and the quality apps, headphones, hearables, and over the counter hearing aids out there. 

How To Book:

Let's first meet to make sure we're a good match.

For collaborations, please contact Kathleen with more information.

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